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share your story
March 31, 2010, 1:52 pm
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Being a mama, and now being around groups of mamas has taught me so much. Hearing other people’s experiences has helped me tremendously in my own journey as a parent, as in many facets of my life. Sometimes, however, I forget that I, too, have experiences and a story to share. Maybe I have seen the benefits in changing my child’s dietary habits or the negative implications of being on the phone between the hours of 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Whatever the story, I know I have them to share and just as I benefit from others sharing their experiences, so others will benefit from mine.On thing I have learned, though, is to only share when asked!

Potato for the day: share what works and has not worked for you as a parent (and in all areas of your life) and we all can help one another on our journey.


proud of you
March 24, 2010, 8:32 am
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I have realized in the last week or so how much we say, “I am so proud of you” and have heard others say things like, “What a good girl” or “You’re so big!” As I ponder these types of phrases I wonder if they truly are an adequate use of encouragement. I realize their benefit, however I see the judgment in the simple act of labeling behavior as “good” or “bad.”

Today I want to encourage our children to do what suites their life, as opposed to what suite my perception of what life is intended to be. They are closer to their true authenticity than I am! No doubt, they have some deeper awareness about things that I have seemed to forget over time! Not to say that I do not want to help guide our children toward healthy, mature responses and use of their emotions, but this was a huge discovery for me.

Potato for today: Work to share your gratitude for what your children do, rather than labeling their behavior – allow them to have their own feelings about what they have accomplished.

How do you feel about what just happened?
I am curious to hear how that makes you feel?

weekly wednesdays
March 10, 2010, 1:08 pm
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I can feel so torn between all the social-networking sites (OK, really, it’s just Facebook for me), blogging and my life off the computer. Having two children now has consumed most of my life with playing, following, cleaning, going and doing. If I do not hear “mama” in a 30 minute period I start to internally think something is wrong. Last night both our kids were asleep. The younger had been asleep for three hours and I started to panic – I could not believe that I had not heard anything from either of them for more than two hours! Nonetheless, being a mama, wife, woman, person, and being is all about balance. I love the online modes of communication and enlightenment! So today, I not only seek to live off-line, but to share pieces of myself online, too!

Potato for today: Seek balance between living life fully off-line and embracing the flow of technology as it inspires change.

new year; new me

It’s strange to think I have not written in this area of my life since before Christmas! OK, it feels a little insane. I have been taken by the flow of life and am loving it! I knew I needed to write here for quite a few days… okay, weeks… but I cannot seem to find something that will transition from nothingness to awe-inspiring! So out with my judgments and on with the new year of writing here.

Not writing for the last month taught me something very vital about myself: I must participate in my own life in the here-and-now and not seek so much to inspire the world for change or be on the computer. I have the capacity to be absorbed with the outside world – TV, computer, other people’s problems, etc. – and forget my own life – my own Self. For this new year, I hope to be more present in my life and less present online (although still hopefully keep my writing going through this arena).

Potato for today: Live life in real-time – do not get bogged down with being inspiring to others until you are inspiring to yourself!


This time of year seems to bring some marvelous things – such as time with family, time off work, sharing, giving to those in needs, and time to reflect on the past year. This time of year can also bring times of discontinuity and an off-kilter schedule. We are all creatures of habit and when something comes in to disrupt our schedule, there can often be an internal battle that transpires. Today, I seek to flow through this time of year instead of stumble.

One thing, that I usually would drop with all the hustle and bustle of the season, is my exercise. This is one thing that is critical to my sanity on so many levels. It keeps me grounded and gets those endorphins going! Often times during the holidays I would slack on the exercise and increase the food consumption. I had to come to realize, that does not work for me. It only adds to the potential stress of the holidays and leave me feeling out of sorts.

I may not get as much as I usually would, because we are spending time with family, and giving of our time and resources to others, but I can still keep some of my normal routine in my life to help me not be so off-kilter!

Potato for today: Bring some of the continuity from your every-day life into the holidays season. Your peace of mind (and others) will thank you.

May your holiday, which ever you choose to celebrate, be filled with light, love and laughter!

Hula Hoop’n
December 21, 2009, 9:42 am
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Keep my side of the street clean.
My business ends at the end of my nose.
Keep the focus on myself.
Stay inside my hula hoop.

Just a few phrases that I have heard (and seek to remember) about getting into others’ business. This past weekend, I saw someone I love tremendously in great need. I took it upon myself to reach out for help for her, as I felt it was my duty. This ever-so-loving, heartfelt gesture ended up blowing up in my face. The person I reached out to had severe backlash, and just moments later I received a call from the original party that I saw is in need, asking me NOT to call the person I had just talked to.

All in the name of love and helping.

I have heard it said that help is the sunny-side of control. Was I trying to control the situation? My immediate response is, “No, I was just trying to help,” but really???

I was trying to control the pain of the person I love so deeply. I realized soon after that I was, in effect, denying my loved one the opportunity to reach out for the help she seemingly needed. I determined her need and created the solution that would make this need go away. I put my nose into someone’s hula hoop where it did not belong. My solution may not have been the solution best for her. Sometimes I do not know what’s best for me, let alone anyone else.

Potato for today: Allow others the opportunity to ask for the help they need. It may be a vital part of their journey to identify their need and, in turn, speak it to someone else.

I have plenty of business in my own hula hoop to not try to manage the affairs of others. Today, I seek to be available if someone asks for help (to the point I can be available), and let go. I seek to allow others the opportunity to reach out for the help they may need – be it an adult or my own child.

happy season
December 15, 2009, 10:40 pm
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This year we sought to have the most eco-friendly, socially-conscious holiday season when it comes to cards and gifts. We opted to send out digital cards, give the gift of donation, and teach our children more about giving than receiving. I wish we could help everyone without this holiday season, but I have realized that a huge part of all this revolves around my attitude!

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwanzaa!
Blessed Be!
May your spirits soar!!!

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