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the 500 year flood

most that read this blog are in Nashville, so they know just how terrible it is here. I do not feel like I’m being overly dramatic when I say that. Simply driving down the streets I live by, that were not the worst of the affected areas here, was heart breaking. everyone’s possessions are lining the road in piles as high as a car. I have not ventured out to the more damaged places, as people with children are not welcome, but I was out in Bellevue Monday getting my sister, nephew and their dog. I still cannot believe all this is happening. what shocked me even more was the inability of the national news to even notice.

I am not one to watch news much. mostly because I cannot stand the way the media portrays things – they stay focused far too long on things that are long over, simply for their “effect,” or leaving our the positive stories all together. I choose not to fill my mind with depressing stories, however I did stay glued, off and on, to the WSMV this weekend. watching our dear city go under water was like watching a horrible movie. It was so close. In all this, too, I was unable to reach my mother and sister consistently. It was heart-wrecking!

I could continue writing all about that which has already been written, but what would that do? I want to help. I want to help SO much, but I have two small children with me full time. I cannot head out to sandbag areas or even really clean up – as I cannot really bend down much to help. I can make a small monetary donation, but want to do more. I KNOW the mamas in this community want to help. this entry is not to inspire, but to BE INSPIRED. let’s ban together and help Nashville rebuild itself. how can we, as mamas and fellow Nashvillians that may not be able to do the more manual labor, help.

email me your suggestions and we can work together. I know this weekend was planned to be the Mother’s Day Peace Parade. What do I want for Mother’s Day? to be able to help restore our city – to build community and love – to flourish positive energy and healing, even if the national media never takes a second look!


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