Plant Potatoes


This time of year seems to bring some marvelous things – such as time with family, time off work, sharing, giving to those in needs, and time to reflect on the past year. This time of year can also bring times of discontinuity and an off-kilter schedule. We are all creatures of habit and when something comes in to disrupt our schedule, there can often be an internal battle that transpires. Today, I seek to flow through this time of year instead of stumble.

One thing, that I usually would drop with all the hustle and bustle of the season, is my exercise. This is one thing that is critical to my sanity on so many levels. It keeps me grounded and gets those endorphins going! Often times during the holidays I would slack on the exercise and increase the food consumption. I had to come to realize, that does not work for me. It only adds to the potential stress of the holidays and leave me feeling out of sorts.

I may not get as much as I usually would, because we are spending time with family, and giving of our time and resources to others, but I can still keep some of my normal routine in my life to help me not be so off-kilter!

Potato for today: Bring some of the continuity from your every-day life into the holidays season. Your peace of mind (and others) will thank you.

May your holiday, which ever you choose to celebrate, be filled with light, love and laughter!


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