Plant Potatoes

Hula Hoop’n
December 21, 2009, 9:42 am
Filed under: Potatoes For Kids, Potatoes For Others, Potatoes For Significant Others

Keep my side of the street clean.
My business ends at the end of my nose.
Keep the focus on myself.
Stay inside my hula hoop.

Just a few phrases that I have heard (and seek to remember) about getting into others’ business. This past weekend, I saw someone I love tremendously in great need. I took it upon myself to reach out for help for her, as I felt it was my duty. This ever-so-loving, heartfelt gesture ended up blowing up in my face. The person I reached out to had severe backlash, and just moments later I received a call from the original party that I saw is in need, asking me NOT to call the person I had just talked to.

All in the name of love and helping.

I have heard it said that help is the sunny-side of control. Was I trying to control the situation? My immediate response is, “No, I was just trying to help,” but really???

I was trying to control the pain of the person I love so deeply. I realized soon after that I was, in effect, denying my loved one the opportunity to reach out for the help she seemingly needed. I determined her need and created the solution that would make this need go away. I put my nose into someone’s hula hoop where it did not belong. My solution may not have been the solution best for her. Sometimes I do not know what’s best for me, let alone anyone else.

Potato for today: Allow others the opportunity to ask for the help they need. It may be a vital part of their journey to identify their need and, in turn, speak it to someone else.

I have plenty of business in my own hula hoop to not try to manage the affairs of others. Today, I seek to be available if someone asks for help (to the point I can be available), and let go. I seek to allow others the opportunity to reach out for the help they may need – be it an adult or my own child.


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