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What’s At The Core
December 4, 2009, 9:42 pm
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Making decisions has always been something of a challenge for me. I always had to take into consideration what others would think, how others might react, and what society would say. Rarely did I make a decision that was on my own, without having to hear at least one other opinion (often many more). I never really knew what I wanted – I constantly made decisions based on what others wanted. This left me very unfulfilled.

Recently, I realized that making decisions based on what others think, want or feel is far from what I need to do. Today, I want to make decisions that are right for me and in line with the life I want to live. Although I definitely have the concerns of others (in my household) in mind with any decision that will affect them, I am working to make choices for me. I do this by looking at my core values.

What is a simple way to make decision making easier? Have a list of my core beliefs, values and principles. If I have this list, I can easily see solutions that may immediately go against one of them, or discredit my own integrity. I made this list, and am continuing to add on to it. I shared it with my husband, as I feel we can know each other better and make better family decisions if we know where we are both coming from.

Potato for today: Make a list of your core beliefs, values and principles. If you don’t know what you believe, how can you know where you want to go?

A few examples from my list:
* Spiritual Freedom for all
* Relationships above a to-do list
* Acceptance of myself and others right where I/they am/are

What are some of yours?


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