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Part of My Body
November 30, 2009, 8:51 pm
Filed under: Potatoes For Kids, Potatoes For Others, Potatoes For Significant Others

I just read one of the daily emails I get about six days past the date I received it. That’s how far behind I am on many things in my life. I feel a little out of touch lately. When I read this email, I felt a sudden moment of growth touch me. The idea was that if we imagine our children as a part of our bodies, we would not be so quick to judge or condemn their behaviors. The analogy was if our left leg began twitching, we would probably do something to remedy it, rather than start yelling at it. I wish my self-care were always so prominent. Sometimes, I honestly think I would start yelling at my leg.

As I thought about this concept of love and acceptance, I realized that I really want to do this with our girls. I want to remain connected to their cues and read the signs they are very clearly laying out for me. As an attached parent, this is something of ease; as a befuddled human, this is a challenge. I struggle to know my own needs, let alone those of someone else. Something I can relate to is my desire to justify my own behaviors. I can so easily condemn  someone else for their actions and turn around and defend myself for why I did what I did. This is where I can grow.

Much like my email encouraged me to treat my children as I would an out-of-control limb, I can use my self-justification. If I look at our children from that perspective – seeking out their valid reasons for doing something that I may not entirely comprehend, I am able to show more compassion and love. I not only want to treat our children this way, but also all those around me.

Potato for today: Treat those around you as you would any part of yourself.


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