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United We Stand
November 18, 2009, 8:46 am
Filed under: Potatoes For Others, Potatoes For Self, Potatoes For Significant Others

The number one thing I have been seeking in my life is unity. In an attempt to be unified, I have found so many factors and issues that have the potential to divide. The juxtaposition of these two extremes has lead me to new insights. I used to think that discussion of certain topics was necessary. In my core family unit, yes, things need to be discussed, but when I am out with people (even those in my immediate family), there are certain topics I know to avoid.

Two particular topics come to mind: politics and religion.
Politics differ and each of us has our own views about things.
Religious beliefs and spiritual paths vary.

If you and your family members can openly discuss such topics, and not have arguments and discord, by all means discuss them. These can be some powerful tools for growth and open-mindedness. Others can know you better when you share these pieces of yourself. Our family, however, has very strong viewpoints and there is usually a divide when these are discussed. I have chosen to remain silent when these topics come up – meaning I do not overly exert myself about how I stand unless personally asked. If I feel that I am participating in a healthy, constructive discussion by responding, I will bring in my views; if I see sarcasm, criticism and judgment are in the mix, I choose to divert the conversation.

Today, I know I do not have to willingly go into the lion’s den.

Potato for today: Bring unity into your group – family, work, friends, etc. – by discussing things that bring you together – not those that tear you apart. Let unity be your number one goal.


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