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Mirror Image
November 12, 2009, 7:58 am
Filed under: Potatoes For Kids, Potatoes For Mom, Potatoes For Self

mirrorI love how things that happen in my life will fall right in line with the readings I do daily. One such reading that I have drawn great inspiration and insight from is Scott Noelle’s The Daily Groove. Today’s tip was Blessing The Mirror. As I read this, I felt my Higher Power reinforcing all the work I have been doing with our older child in the last few months.

Our oldest is very spirited and gifted. This makes for some struggles at times, especially since she and I are so much alike. She is inquisitive, expressive, creative, intelligent, and outspoken. Sometimes I can consider these attributes to instead by annoying, loud, and not based in reality. I can want to change these things in her, because some of these traits in myself have often caused me heart ache. As Scott Noelle encouraged, I can bless this sweet mirror.

I can bless her for the things she shows me about myself.
I can bless her for helping me to grow into a more loving and compassionate person.
I can bless her for giving me the opportunity to see how I was as a child and nurture her the way she needs to be nurtured.
I can bless her for teaching me to accept her for who she is and not try to change her.
I can bless her for guiding me to new levels of awareness.
I can bless her for teaching me to laugh and not take myself so seriously.
I can bless her for showing me my true nature and allowing me the dignity to grow into something different.
I can bless her for forgiving me when I am not the “perfect mom” I sometimes wish I could be.
I can bless her for having her own path that I am simply a guide on.
I can bless her today!

Potato for today: See that in others which you can use to change yourself for the better. Let the reflections guide you to growth.


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