Plant Potatoes

Dial the Sun Within

sundialHide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?
Benjamin Franklin

Each of us has God-given talents or knowledge that we have come to have due to interest or necessity. These attributes come from a place of passion for me, and usually stick around long after I have used them once or twice. Unlike subjects in school that I struggled to sit through, retain and enjoy, these things have become a part of me – a way of life.

Years ago, I could barely tell you about some things in the world. I didn’t even know what I was, or would be, passionate about. Today, however, I have things that I really love and know a great deal about – things that others could benefit from if needed. I do not like to shove my views, life-style choices, or opinions on others, but if someone asks, and sees a part of me they wish to engage with, I am all to eager to share. Sharing my gifts and passions with others helps enlighten them to their own and often helps them in ways they could not have perceived.

Potato for today: Let your talents, skills and passions shine onto the world. Sharing these parts of yourself that can enlighten, enrich, and inspire those around you.


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