Plant Potatoes

A Spool Of Thread

threadI had someone share a profound insight yesterday. She asked me what my husband’s nature was and how I could meet him where he is. I realized that so often I want people to meet me where I am and seldom make a choice to meet people where they are, unless it’s with our children. She offered the analogy of thread – what strings bind us to one another?

In considering this I started to think about things that bind me to others and what I can do to increase my connection with others. One I thought of is football. I am not a huge fan of watching football on television. I’m not against it. I get the game and can find great pleasure in watching a good game. I simply would not choose it if I had a choice. That being said, my husband loves Oklahoma football – really, he loves anything football, but loves OU. This is one thread I could connect. I can make a choice to sit and watch an OU game with my husband to increase our connection.

Potato for today: Increase the size of your spool of thread. Reach out to others and spend quality time with them doing things they love and your unity and intimacy will increase.


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