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Open Your Ears
November 4, 2009, 7:26 am
Filed under: Potatoes For Kids

Sick child wiping his noseSomeone once told me to listen to my child. They are more in tune with their own bodies, mind and emotions than we are, but usually struggle to communicate that. At a young age, they are able to tell us what they need, sometimes we simply do not understand (or maybe aren’t listening).

I want our children to know they can trust their bodies, hearts and minds. I have found that when I try to change what my child needs into what I think they need, there’s always conflict of some kind. Children whose parents have never listened to their needs struggle as adults to be in touch with this intuitive piece of self. So why not encourage, rather than discourage their awareness?

When our older is sick, she can clearly tell me what she needs. If I listen to her, and not force her to do what I think she should do, she is usually well within 24 hours. Once when she was sick she continued to ask for water, juice and sleep. In a 24-hour time frame, she slept about 18 hours, drank probably 60 ounces of fluid, and just took it easy. I could stand to learn from her self-care.

Potato for today: Allow your children to listen to their body – then listen to their needs.

As parents (teachers, grandparents, etc.), it is important that we help them with things they may not be aware of, however, to act as an authority on their inner feelings can damage a child’s connection with his or her inner self.


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