Plant Potatoes

The Inside Story

inside_flowerWe all want inner peace – healing from our past, the ability to let things go, and a sense of self that no insult could touch. I seek this each day. I believe the spirit within each of us wishes to rise above our humanity, yet we will always be bound by our humanness as long as we are alive. It is, however, important to know our insides – those stories we may try to keep a secret, our inner most fears, our greatest joy – for what you have inside is what we’re giving out to others.

Getting to know myself has been a struggle. Sometimes it’s not fun going in and seeing all the feelings, past hurts, mistakes and insecurities. On the other hand, I rarely look at my good qualities while in there. I want to focus simply on the negative and leave the positive. What I focus on gets bigger, and therefore spills out onto those around me. When I focus on the negative things that dwell within me, or simply ignore them, they seem to take over my response-mechanism and often lead me to act in ways I really would prefer not.

Potato for today: Get to know yourself fully so that you may better love and be present to those around you.

Do not fear your past. Look back but don’t stare. Do not focus on the future. Keep your feet grounded in today. Focus on those qualities which you possess. Learn from those you don’t. Embrace your struggles and be fully present in the self you want to be today. Your responses to others will be much more loving and gentle.


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