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Give It Up

IMG_9389I like to figure things out. If I see a problem, I tend to want to find a solution with my intellect and experience. Many of my default settings have actually turned out to be less beneficial over time. As a constantly-growing, spiritual being, I have learned that sometimes I must step down from my intellect and “figure-it-out” mode and seek alternative sources of help.

I I have a God Box. This was a gift given to me years ago to help me have a physical place to release those things which I am powerless over. I was visiting it this morning to place some things that have come up in the last week. In doing so, I noticed how little is actually in there. This is telling. How often do I try to figure things out, or just keep them in my mind with worry? This physical release is extremely helpful in actually letting go.

Another tool I use is during prayer, I will physically place my hands out, facing up and say, “God, I give this to you.” I do all I can to let go of things that I know I will never be able to figure out.

Potato for today: Find whatever physical tool you need to release those things which you are powerless over. Letting go will open your heart and mind to the present and keep you out of your head trying to figure things out.

hands up to the sky to let go


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Love this and definitely needed it today 🙂 Love you too!!!

Comment by Megan

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