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Just A Little Change

baby_sleepI love the definition of insanity that states, doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. In my life, I constantly keep doing things the same way, even if they are not getting me the desired result. I will ask my husband to help me with something in the same way over and over, even if I know he gets defensive every time I ask in that way. I will continue to use the same tactics to get our older child to eat, even though I know it never works. I will do the same things at night to help our younger not have gas all night, even if we still are up every hour.

I could go on. I have come to see that all it takes is a slight shift in my perspective and in my mode of execution to see dramatic results. If I simply open my mind to the possibility of other options – other solutions – I have the opportunity to remove the insanity from my life.

I had a friend who was spending hours trying to get their little one to sleep at night. She sent me a success story about trying something new and having her asleep in ten minutes!

Potato for today: Be open to solutions other than the ones you may think are the best option and the opportunity for growth and intimacy soars.

When I remove my rigid thoughts about how things are supposed to be done, I am open to infinite possibilities to enhance my life and the lives of those around me. When I am not suck in my own mind when it comes to options, I am open to true communion with my fellows.


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Change is good.

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