Plant Potatoes

Trust Yourself

kid_runI continue to learn. Each day is another lesson in parenting, as I try to learn my children and myself better. Last night, we were visiting family and headed home after playing and supper. Both girls were too tired, and honestly, I knew I should have left about thirty minutes earlier. As we were working to get into the car, our older was wound up – not getting in her seat, playing with anything she could find in the car, and accidentally hitting me in the face. I could tell that she was overly stimulated from all the excitement. I immediately had an image of her running in the nearby field getting much of that energy out.

I listened to that intuitive thought.

Our older daughter ran around and got all her “negative energy out.” I gave her permission to feel all that and let it out through physical activity. We walked back to the car and she was still had a little bit of a bad attitude, so I asked her if she needed to go get the rest of that negative energy out. She acquiesced, as she was not sure what I was doing. She ran around for about five more minutes till it was all out. She very calmly got into the car and rode home in peace.

Potato of the day: Trust your instincts. Your inner voice will lead you to the desired self you want.


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