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resetAs I have written before, it is not in my nurture to respond as I am seeking to (as I learn more about Attachment Parenting). Last night was a prime example. As our older daughter was screaming and squealing as we were trying to get her to bed, I realized that even though I often say I do not have time to make a conscious choice about my reactions, I in fact do.

It had been more than an hour since we started the night-time routine of getting to bed. My husband came home right in the middle and, of course, she wanted to be up playing with him. After they spent a little time together talking and cuddling, I took back over so my husband could help with some other things around the house. The screaming terror set in. Rather than knee-jerk reacting the way everything inside me was telling me to, I stopped and consciously did something different.

I picked up our daughter, rocked her, hugged her, made a soft shhh-ing sound and told her how much I love her. I continued to do that, as I sang soft songs. She fought me hard. She was kicking and screaming and I felt like I should let her go. I made sure to keep my hugs gentle and not confining. She said, “I want daddy!” I told her that daddy was busy and she immediately calmed down. We proceeded to sing songs together for about twenty minutes… then she was out. I felt encouraged! When encouraged, I feel more confident that I can do it again.

Potato for the day: Reset your default.


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Way to go! We don’t have trouble going to sleep but we do have trouble brushing our teeth. When I tell him to brush his teeth the fight is on. But last night something amazing happened in the middle of chasing him all around and practically having to sit on him I gently asked him are you sure you don’t want to brush your teeth? Are you sure? He thought for a moment and then opened his mouth and let me brush his teeth. I thought it might be a fluke but I tried it again this morning and it worked. I remained calm and gentle when he refused and started to run away and just simply asked him to brush his teeth. Sometimes I forget to ask nicely. It is his choice, after all.

Comment by Mary Templeton

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