Plant Potatoes

Truth Seeker

wrongComing from the skeptical world that often believes everyone is lying, no one is honest, and you have to look out for #1, it is sometimes a struggle to simply believe those around me. I was lied to a good bit when I was a child. Whether it was simple things like, “There are no peas in that,” or more major thing, I heard mis-truths often.

In my life today, I am striving to not even tell the smallest lie. We do not tell our children that Santa comes down the chimney or that the East Bunny leaves treats. We play into the imaginary world, but do not lie to them. It is strange, however, because as much as I focus on truth, I realized the other day, that I do not trust.

Our daughter tries one bite of each feed we eat. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to eat any more; if she does, she eats it. We were having supper and we were in one of those situations. I turned around to do something and she tried a bite, which I obviously did not see. I came back to the table and asked her to try it. She told me she already did and I immediately went to a place of disbelief. We have not taught our daughter to lie, so why do I think she is? She looked at me and said, “Mom, you’re wrong!” She was very upset that I did not believe her. I realized that I must believe her until I see otherwise.

Potato for the day: Seek truth, but not at the expense of someone’s honesty and your intimacy with them.


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