Plant Potatoes

I Get Knocked Down

slipSo often I try things and they FAIL! I don’t mean, Wow, that didn’t go so well. I mean, WHOA, I never expected THAT to happen!? Sometimes I feel rather discouraged. I think that just because I have not succeeded I am not worthy to exist. Extreme, I know, but the perfectionist in me has this underlying desire to always get it right the first time I try.

Being a parent has been a constant trial-and-error process for me. Even if I think that I have the best possible response or mode of discipline, without fail something will catch me off guard. When I try to communicate with others, it’s the same way. I think I have the most loving, gentle words and the other person will interpret something totally different. This discouragement often leaves me wanting to give up. My instinctual response is, That’s it! I’m tired of trying.

Potato for today: Never give up. If one thing doesn’t work for you, try something else. Each mistake is a life-lesson to put into your personal vault!

With a positive attitude and God in my driver’s seat, I will eventually get to where I’m supposed to go. Mistakes are bumps in the road that make me stronger each time I hit one! I’m never going to be perfect, but with practice, patience and an open mind, I will grow!


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