Plant Potatoes

We’re A Team

teamLast night, we had some pretty big issues getting to bed. I was out and my husband was left with both kids awake. Our older was kicking him and terrorizing the dog; our younger was screaming. It seemed no one was in character last night.

I rushed home to help out. I did not want to have an attitude of SUPER WOMAN… I’m going to fix this. I prayed that I would be gentle, loving and compassionate with everyone. When I got home the baby was asleep, but our older was still up and had full-on energy. I sat with her and talked. After a small snack, I told her that we are all a family: mama, daddy, baby sister, the dog and her. We are a team. We have to work together to help each other. She asked me why and I shared that we all love each other.

Being a team is pretty amazing. I realized last night how critical our family’s team really is. After giving her a few examples how she could help, she was calm and went to sleep. I’m not sure if the conversation helped her as much as it did me. My rage was nonexistent. I was calm and meant each word I said.

Potato for the day: Embrace the team; work together as a family.


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