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Attitude Adjustment

Love U Mamma!As a mom, I have constantly worked to find ways of redirecting my child when she is whining or in a scruff about something. I also want to teach her the difference between needs versus wants. These two may seem unrelated, but really it’s about a change of attitude.

A week or so ago, I asked our oldest what she was grateful for in the midst of a melt down. She wasn’t to eager to participate in my rampage right away, but as I started to mention some of the toys around her, our house, and (especially) her baby sister, she was hooked. She finally said, “I am only grateful for [my sister].” Her fit was gone and she was in a pleasant place ready to play again.

When I have a more positive attitude and embrace my gratitude, my life is more serene.

Potato for the day: Embrace an attitude of gratitude and pass that on to your children.

As I teach my child how to be grateful in any situation, even if it’s for only one thing, she will bring that into her life. Maybe one day, when I’m in a rough spot she will say to me, as I did her, “Mom, let’s have an attitude of gratitude.”


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I think this is a wonderful idea and I’m going to try it ASAP! My little boy has fits in the morning. They are usually brought on by brushing his teeth.

Comment by Mary Templeton

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