Plant Potatoes

Get Them Involved
October 6, 2009, 7:10 am
Filed under: Potatoes For Kids, Potatoes For Others, Potatoes For The Earth

recycleYou may recycle, compost, use rain barrels, leave lights off, limit your flushing, open blinds for natural heat, plant trees, and use your resources to the best of your ability. That’s great. Whatever you are doing to preserve our Earth is great. Are your kids involved, too?

When we started recycling more consciously, composting and using rain barrels, for just a few examples, we got out daughter involved. She knows how to recycle in our house. She knows what goes in the compost. She loves watching the grubs. She uses the rain barrel water to water her crab apple tree she received from the Lawn and Garden Show 2007. She knows what we are doing around the house.

Potato for the day: Involve your kids in your family efforts to preserve the Earth.

Raising socially conscious and responsible children will bring up a generation loving the Earth. Our daughter sees litter and say, “Mama, that’s not good for the Earth.” Years of teaching leads to years of positive action on their part!


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