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Think With Your Heart
October 3, 2009, 7:44 am
Filed under: Potatoes For Kids

heart_handsI am one that constantly tries to analyze and figure things out. My brain can often get in the way and forget about very important factors that my mind may not ever consider. There’s often emotional issues that need to be considered with making decisions – like other people’s feelings, or outcomes that may effect others. Simply thinking with out brains is not enough – that’s one of the reasons I believe our Creator gave us hearts.

Potato for the day: Teach your children to think and act with their heart.

That may look different for each of us. One way I have taught our three year old is to encourage her, when she’s acting in an inappropriate way, to think with her heart. I let her interpret what that means for her. Without fail, we have had different outcomes.

I believe in a high level of involvement the younger the child, but teaching them to learn how to think and act for themselves is such a critical tool. They leave our homes and live in the real world (whether it’s just for an hour at the gym a few days a week, at school, or with a family member). Teaching them to not only use their intellect but also their heart gives them lessons for life. Lessons I, too, can use each day.


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