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Get Out of the Way
October 2, 2009, 7:41 am
Filed under: Potatoes For Significant Others

fatherI have a tendency to be the leading parent on discipline and follow through. This is mainly because I am the one that is home most of the time; I am the stay-at-home parent. What I am learning is that just because I am the parent that is home most does not mean I am the only parent – or the only one responsible for discipline and guidance for our kids (ok, mainly just out three year old).

When my husband is home and has the opportunity to be in more of disciplinarian role, it is sometimes difficult to watch, as he’s not in practice. I think he would rather come home and just love all over our kids, play with them, and just be “daddy,” but sometimes that love has to go beyond a simple cuddle or game of chase. So what can I do? I can get out of the way and allow them to create their own relationship – their own interchange. It usually turns out much better if I just don’t get involved.

The role of the other parent, whether it’s a working mother or father, is critical. Those of us that have the opportunity to stay home with our kids are so fortunate. We can give our counterpart that chance to engage with our kids in a new, loving way.

Potato of the day: Allow the parental counterpart the dignity of being a part of all areas of child-rearing.


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