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Grubs Are Our Friends
September 30, 2009, 7:32 am
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If you have ever composted, you know that grubs, slugs (when it rains), and other little creatures come to grace your grounds with their presents (yes, I spelled that correctly). Compost is worm, grub, etc. poop! Who would have thought something like an excrement would be so desirable in your backyard.

We have been composting for almost two years now. We love it! Besides the occasional fruit fly that we find in the house because I have not taken out the compost in a few days, it has been relatively easy and our trash has dramatically reduced. Kids love it, too. Our daughter composts at school, too, which I love! If interesting in starting to compost, please read up on it. There are plenty of sights to get you started.

Benefits of Composting:
* It’s SO easy. You can just dig a whole in the backyard – just keep it covered or animals may come and eat it.
* It can be a family activity. If they can hold something in their hand, theoretically they can compost. Not sure if our four month old is quite ready.
* It is a daily, outdoor activity – no matter the weather.
* You are cutting down on trash going to landfills.
* You will have nutritious rich soil to use anywhere in your yard.
* It’s a great science lesson.
* It doesn’t take much to get started.

Potato for the day: Start a compost pile.

If you’re interested in hear more about our journey into composting, email me at


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