Plant Potatoes

Look To Others
September 27, 2009, 7:57 am
Filed under: Potatoes For Mom, Potatoes For Self

earthWe all have special gifts; none of us is perfect. Each person we encounter can be out teacher. I learn about dedication and love of family from my husband. I learn about creativity and imagination from our three year old. I learn about intimacy from our four-month old. I learn about compassion and understanding from my sister. I learn about fashion and style from my second sister. I learn about acceptance and perseverance from my third sister. I learn about having fun and living life from my brother. I learn about hard work and sticking to something from my mom. I learn about passion and following a dream from my dad. I learn about loving what you love and sticking to it from my step-mother. My list could go on… and these are just some of the people I interact with on a daily or weekly basis.

I can learn things from anyone. It doesn’t take much to see the worth in others and to look beyond what I may originally see in someone and see them as a teacher. God blesses each of us with talents and abilities. We need each other. That’s why there’s not just one of us on Earth.

Potato of the day: Learn from others.


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