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Sing, Sing A Song
September 12, 2009, 12:18 pm
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singOne of the most difficult things for me sometimes is keeping the love and respect in my voice when I am being pushed to the limit. Growing up, there was often a lot of screaming when people wanted to get their point across and others surely listened, but did they hear?

I have prayed to be compassionate, gentle, loving and kind. When a toddler is throwing a fit or just ignoring me those attributes can sometimes flutter away. A friend suggested a new method…

Potato for the day… Sing instead of scream.

I began a little song, “Camden Andrade…… I have a song for you……” I was amazed how I got her attention and got her to finally hear me.


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I SO agree! When Lily Catherine was colicky as an infant, she would scream for hours and hours straight. I would tried singing to her to help her calm down. I sang every song I knew, sometimes over and over again, and what I found was that as long as I was singing it helped me to not get overwhelmed with the situation. Now, Lily Catherine loves to hear me sing (I think she’s the only person on the planet) and it immediately gets her attention and helps her regroup and focus. I just need to remind myself to sing in the midst of the toddler tantrums just like I did during the newborn colic :).

Comment by Cate Connery Bury

You know more than anyone that i know what you mean. Yelling is like second nature to us and i have really been working on my yelling too. sometimes i just wish i could sing to Kam (SO) when i feel like i am not getting my point across, but i have a feeling that he would just think i was crazy … lol. I am sure it will work with Kwinci when he gets older, because when he is fussy now and i sing, he calms down so he can hear me ;-). I love you Michelle.

Comment by Haley

So after hiking with you the other day and hearing this advice, I went home and tried it! I wanted my 3 year old to just eat the green beans on her plate so I sang her a little tune. She ate them all and then some. It was too COOL!

Comment by Gina

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