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Sleep Deprived
September 11, 2009, 3:34 pm
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1208789_96629417“Dr. Gregory White, an experienced family practice physician, once commented on the subject of sleep in a talk he gave to parents:

‘A lot of people think they are entitled to a night’s sleep. Nobody’s entitled to a full night’s sleep and very few mothers get one. Many people do at one time or another during their lives, and I’m all for it. But no one’s entitled to it, whether she’s a new mother or not, if someone needs her…'” (The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, La Leche League International, 109).

When I first read this, I felt some ease and then a little upset set in. As I reflected more or the concept I realized that it is so true. Even before we had a newborn in the house, I was not guaranteed a full nights sleep. At some point in the week our three year old was bound to wake for something. Nonetheless, there is this idea that by four months your child should be sleeping through the night… and if your child has not reached that “milestone” something is wrong.

I began to resent the lack of sleep and wish that “my child was like other children,” as our four month old still nurses every two to three hours throughout the night. After reading the above, I finally came to accept that it is exactly what it is intended to be. Our daughter is right where she is supposed to be. When I removed my expectation that the situation should look a certain way, my resentment about “sleep deprivation” began to lessen.

Potato for the day: Acceptance of what is brings me to a greater peace within myself.


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